Keeping Moving Costs Down

Learn how to keep the costs of moving down with BestDarnMovers

BestDarnMovers gladly takes care of loose ends and more but when the game plan includes keeping costs down here are some ideas!

BestDarnMovers gladly packs as much or as little of the move as needed by our customers. BestDarnMovers serves our customers on their terms.

The BestDarnMover team happily comes in to handle the heavier items after customers move smaller things when customers look to save on the cost of a move.

So save some money handle as many of the smaller, more fragile items as possible including small pictures, table lamps,  and clothing.

Tape the bottom of boxes. Simply folding them over at the bottom invites breakage. Also, duct tape doesn’t stick to cardboard for very long, use the plastic clear packaging tape for best results.

Pack books and records should n smaller sized boxes keeping in mind large boxes end up very heavy and difficult to move.

Save time sealing all boxes. Open boxes make packing the truck more of a challenge.

Limit overflow. BestDarn movers works hard to avoid overflow. Working together the better, more compact the move, the lower the cost if we can avoid doubling back for more trips than expected as the customer ends up responsible for the labor and travel time involved. BestDarnMovers tries our best to avoid overflow.


Best Effort Items- Plan in advance  to keep costs down

(1) Composite furniture-  BestDarnMovers always takes lots of care with customer belongings but keep repeatedly and it starts to weaken and flake away.

(2) Standing floor lamps with clay bases-  The bases get old and dry, crack and fall out.

(3) Flat screen TV’s larger than 37 inches-   pack safely in boxes for transport.

(4) Analogue TV’s- The electronics last forever but the plastic shells dry out and crack especially when kept near heat sources

(5) Garden pots- with plants or dirt

(6) Antiques, paintings, art works and glass pieces-  prepare properly for transport

(7) Front load washers and dryers-   require drum bolts during transport

(8) Lamp shades-  box lamp shades for better stacking in the truck and so they survive the trip

Rest assured BestDarnMovers takes  the utmost care and every precaution to assure safe delivery of all belongings to the new home.



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