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Learn more how professional movers, BestDarnMovers helps in settling you and your family into your new home


Gas Appliances

For insurance reasons BestDarnMovers please disconnect or reconnect gas appliances in advance of the move. BestDarnMovers gladly moves appliances once disconnected and positions them as instructed in the new home.


BestDarn moves happily connects hoses on washing machines as well as water lines for refrigerators at the new home with an important caveat, we ask customers to watch the connections for the few few weeks to ensure hoses are tight and not leaking either at the connection or elsewhere on or near the appliance.

Preferably  performed licensed/insured plumbing professionals perform this service although although over thousands of moves with no problems BestDarnMovers this a thousand times connects appliances with waterlines as a courtesy for customers while also saying the customer takes responsibility for any issues arising.

A move serves as a great opportunity to inspect wear and tear on appliances with rubber hoses and consider replacing those hoses with steel encased hoses especially for washers on the first and second floors and washer tubs save plenty of heartache in the event something goes wrong, as well.

Also consider installing automatic shutoff valves common in newer homes but not as often found in older construction. Check with a plumbing professional for more information.

Quick Note on electric dryers; check to see if your dryer has a 3-prong or a 4 prong and comparing to the connection at your new home or apartment to see if the cord needs to be replaced to work at the new property.

Moving Safety

BestDarnMovers sometimes runs into homes where safety or sanitation issues make moving more difficult and we reserves the right not to put the crew at risk.

Moves moves are done on a handshake but on occasion where a domestic dispute comes to our attention BestDarnMovers may ask for a written statement authorizing the move to ensure the authority of the person to contract for the scheduled move.


Jewelry and Other Personal Precious Belongings

BestDarnMovers asks customers to handle these items as we do not take responsibility for them for liability reasons.

For a standing jewelry cabinet BestDarnMovers ask customers wrap and tape the cabinet in advance of arrival or ask BestDarnMovers to plastic-seal the cabinet upon arrival.

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