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Thank you for sending your information. 
The cost-guidance for your move, as per the description you supply is at the end of this document in the section labeled NOTES:. 
The more information you’ve supplied about your move, the more accurate your guidance is likely to be.
Be reminded that the actual time to execute your move may be more or less than the guidance given here, so the final invoiced amount may be more or less as well.
First, here is primary information to help with the basics.
This is cost-guidance for your move. It follows the new PA PUC Guidelines so it is different from estimates you may have received from us in the past. 
We don’t refer to this as a quote or an estimate, we call it cost-guidance. 
Yes, its important for you to know, in advance, how much the move may cost but since every move is different and unforeseen circumstances may arise, 
its a stab-in-the-dark to try to pinpoint any particular number. So this is our honest attempt to point you in a direction with an as-accurate as possible
idea of what your costs will probably be.
In Pennsylvania, moves under 40 miles from point to point are by-the-hour moves. Most all of the moves we do are in this category.
Moves over 40 miles, by regulation- require much more detailed book keeping.
FYI, ’40 miles’ by definition is from your pick up to your drop off; it has nothing to do with the distance we travel to the pick-up to begin your job.
Quotes are normally given using a 3-man team, (but not always), and that’s to standardize and simplify the quote process.
In fact, when appropriate and when it won’t affect materially your labor costs, we use 4 or 5 men, and sometimes more.
Some places (apartments) lend themselves to smaller groups of movers. Some places, (homes/townhouses) are better served with an army of people that can get it done quickly.
The labor price will be proportionately higher to accommodate additional movers but the job will get done quicker. 2×4 and 4×2 both equal 8. (My attempt at an appropriate analogy.)
We reserve the right to add additional movers to the job or reduce the amount of workers when appropriate despite the standard 3-man quote.
The components that make up the final invoiced amount are the (1) Truck Package, (2) Labor, (3) Travel Fee, (4) Other Supplies, (5) Fuel.
Other charges may include *Disposal of Old Furniture or Items, *Tolls, *2.9% Credit Card Processing, *Storage.
      – Truck Package Truck with insurances, and furniture blankets/straps/dollies/wrap/etc, subject to a $79 minimum.
        Most truck charges are in the $100 to $200 range but could be more for larger moves.
– Labor. The labor ‘clock’ begins when we ring your doorbell and ends upon completion.
Per hour labor rates are as follows:
1-man labor: $49    2-man labor: $98   3-man labor. $145
4-man labor. $185  Each additional mover per hour, $45.
The following are billed as labor:
Arrival at the pick up location starts the labor clock.
Disassembly of items like beds/tables/cribs/mirrors.
Pad load and strap into truck. Drive to the drop-off.
Unload. Reassembly of like items. Placement as directed. 
– Travel Fee. Compensates the movers for travel TO the pick-up at the start and FROM the drop off at the conclusion because the labor
  rate doesn’t begin until the movers arrive at the job location. So in general, Travel to the job site and travel back home are the Travel Fee.
  Travel Fee is actually a catch-all. It also includes the peripheral expenses of the move, things like clean-up, refolding blankets, etc.

– Outlier Supplies. Mattress bags, cartons, etc., $0 to $20; supplies are normally a small part of the total cost of the move unless we pack up your home, room-by-room.
  Then this category will contain the costs of boxes, tape,paper wrap, etc.
– Fuel estimate, now charged separately, based on miles from start to finish. 
Truck costs and travel fees for your move are pretty standard and easy to figure.
Labor is the variable. Labor costs are more difficult to estimate because every move is different.
  We have no ‘minimum hours required’ labor charge. If the movers wrap up your job in one hour that’s all you’ll be billed for.
  (That ‘one hour’ is for illustration and to make a point. Unless your move is very small, finishing it in an hour is not very likely.)
– If saving money on your move is a priority, it behooves you to be as packed up as possible and ready to go.
– We bill in increments of 15 minutes, not half hours or full hours like some of the big movers. That will save you money.
– Our movers work at a pretty good pace. I know you’ll be pleased.  As always, we’ll do our best to keep your costs low.
– Cash or check preferred. Your credit card is welcome also but we pay a 2.9% processing fee and add that to your invoice.

Finally, as written in the materials that we send to inquiring customers,
(1) you are welcome to use your own borrowed or rented truck using us for labor only, in which case you won’t pay us for the use of our truck. 
If this saves you money we’re all for it. The travel fee and hourly labor rates will still apply, and
(2) we invite customers to use their own padlock on the truck during transport, and you keep the key until unload time. We want every customer to be confident that
what went in at the load is there at the unload. So far as we know no other moving company anywhere offers similar protection. And it’s really a no-brainer, isn’t it?
Hope that helps. Please don’t hesitate with any questions.
Thank you.
Kingston, our base, to
– Truck Package, as described above.
– Travel Fee. 
– Outlier Supplies
– Fuel Surcharge
– Labor Costs. Per Hour:
– Other.
When your move is concluded, we’ll tally-up the labor costs, (rate x time), then add the other listed components. That’s your final invoiced amount.
Don’t hesitate with any questions. Thank you.
Below is useful info for your move. Please get back to me with any questions.
Please keep in mind that our calendar fills up more quickly as we roll into the spring and summer. If you have a specific day in mind for your move it may not be available if you wait too long to book. As always we try to be as flexible as possible.
‘Regular, normal and expected’  Unless you tell us otherwise we’ll assume that the things we will be moving for you are ‘regular, normal and expected’ and that refers simply to the degree of ease or difficulty to move your items. Unexpectedly oversize items, small doorways, sharp hallway turns, unusual stairways, low ceilings, long carrying distances at the load or unload points, inclement weather and small children or pets in the movers’ way, in addition to a host of obstacles not mentioned could add to the cost. Loose items not adequately boxed up will add to the time and cost as well. Some homes are easier to move than others and some things are beyond our control.


 Jewelry and small, precious personal items: 
Please handle these things on your own. We cannot, will not and do not want responsibility for these types of things.
If you have a standing jewelry cabinet, please have it wrapped up and taped before we arrive or ask us to plastic-seal it at the very start. Its not that jewelry goes missing that often, (thankfully), but three years down the road when you discover that a diamond pin is missing, (it’s probably under a dresser), we don’t want you thinking, ‘the movers did it’. Additionally, please keep wallets, watches, purses, hand bags and small items of worth hidden safely away.
TV, Air Conditioner and Bed Remotes- please gather these up and pack them away on your own, where you will know exactly where they are- that is if you ever plan to again watch your TV. Over the years too many have been misplaced, then found months or years later in a box in storage.
– Moving Safety. Occasionally, we arrive at a home (1) that is in total disarray, hardly prepared for a move. (2) Some times the home is so unkempt that it raises health issues for the movers. (3) Lastly, sometimes there’s a direct safety issue at the physical location where the guys are working; rickety basement steps, floors rotted away, the smell of natural gas, or any similar unsafe condition. We reserve the right to not move certain things, or in the most extreme of examples, not move anything where the safety of the movers may be in question.
 Most quotes are given using the 3-man team. Why? Cause 3 guys fit in a truck. Not very scientific. But that’s what normally works best, However, sometimes it’s advantageous to add on a 4th or even a 5th mover. The hourly rate will increase accordingly to accommodate additional workers but in fact the move will get done quicker and your cost will be about the same or less. Some homes just lend themselves to the use of a larger workforce and if it doesn’t raise your costs disproportionately then we reserve the right to put additional workers on the job. The guys work at a pretty good pace. I know you will be pleased.
 It’s been business on a handshake since we started eight years ago. We like it that way and so do our customers. We need to be certain however, that the items we’ll be moving for you are within your actual authority to move. In some instances like during a domestic dispute, there may be an issue about who really has that authority so we do require a signature authorizing us to execute the move that we’ve been hired for.
– Leave Clothing in Drawers? We get this question all the time. The answer is generally yes- no need to repack clothing from dressers. If the drawers have items like books, paper files, coin collections then they should be removed cause of the weight they add. But clothing is generally not a problem. Take a moment to hand-tighten bottles or jars in nightstands so they don’t drip during transport.
– Sorry we cannot disconnect or reconnect gas appliances. We will gladly move them once disconnected and then reposition them where instructed but liability
concerns have put the kibosh on us taking our wrenches to them. 
Quick Note on electric dryers. Check to see if your dryer has a 3-prong or a 4 prong and compare it with the connection at your new place. You may need to replace the cord.
Its simple enough for you or your electrician to do. While that’s another thing we cannot do for liability concerns, my guys can show you what needs to be done
 Disconnecting and Reconnecting Your Washing Machine/Refrigerator Water Line.
As a courtesy, we will gladly reconnect the hoses on your washing machine and water line for your refrigerator at the new place with this important caveat:
PLEASE keep an eye on the connections for the first few weeks, especially the first few loads, to make sure that the hoses are on tight and not leaking, either at the connection or anywhere else.
Reconnection of appliances should be performed by a licensed/insured plumbing professional and although we’ve done this a thousand times without incident, (and I bet you have a few times as well), please remember that we reconnect as a courtesy only. In the case of any adverse events following the hook up; the responsibility will lie solely with you.
Now is a good time to get a set of the new steel-encased hoses to replace those old rubber hoses, especially if your washer is on the first or second floor. A washer tub beneath the machine can also save you a pile of heartache. Automatic shut-off valves are common attachments in newer homes but many older homes are not so equipped. Water can do a lot of damage. Please talk with your plumbing professional.
– Please tape the bottom of boxes. Simply folding them over at the bottom invites breakage. Also, duct tape doesn’t stick to cardboard for very long. Please use the plastic clear packaging tape.
 Books and records should be packed in smaller sized boxes or no one will be able to lift the boxes. (If they are able to then they’ll be asking for either a raise or a doctor, neither a welcome event.)
– Open Boxes.  Sure, its ok to leave some boxes open at the top but if they are all open then it makes it impossible to stack them in the truck.
– If saving money on your move is part of your game plan, feel free to handle as much of the smaller, more fragile items on your own- small pictures, table lamps, clothing etc. Don’t get me wrong- we are happy to do as much or as little of the move as you want.
After all, we are servants of the people. But we have no qualm about handling only the heavier items after you’ve moved the smaller things. You don’t really want us hanging around any longer than we need to anyway, do you?
– PaymentsCash or check preferred; We take credit cards as well. Visa, MC, Discover and AXP. We add 2.9% to credit card payments, it’s what we get charged for processing.
Sometimes payment in advance of the move is warranted; we reserve the right to collect the cost of the move in cash, before we begin.
– Overflow. Remember that childhood saying, ‘last is best of all the rest’? That doesn’t apply to overflow. Overflow is the stuff that doesn’t fit on your truck on moving day even though we thought it would. Unfortunately it’s you the customer that will bear the additional costs of getting those things to the new place. On local moves we’ll just double back for the extra items or we can put those things into an additional truck. Longer distance moves are more complicated. At this point let’s just thank the stars that it doesn’t happen often, and while the customer does bear the additional costs we’ll do our best to keep those costs as low as possible.
– Need Boxes? For Free? We have a few sources for free boxes so don’t hesitate to ask. They aren’t always available but if we have them, we’re happy to pass them along to you.
FYI- our first and best source is Keefer’s Army-Navy in Kingston; Don Keefer stacks them up in the back for us, so oftentimes they are used but they aren’t abused, nor are they boxes from food sources, which have the potential to attract bugs.
– The following items are moved only on a best-efforts basis:
(1) composite furniture aka ‘RTA’, (ready to assemble). Sure we’ll be careful with it but it’s not made to be moved and it starts to weaken and flake away.*
(2) standing floor lamps with clay bases. The bases get old and dry, crack and fall out- (similar to me since I turned 65).
(3) flat screen TV’s that are not safely packed in a box for transport.*
(4) analogue TV’s ten years or older. The electronics on these behemoths will last forever but the plastic shells dry and crack especially if they’ve spent their useful lives near a heat source.
(5) garden pots with plants or dirt, or plants, (especially cactuses) over 4 feet high.
(6) packed cardboard boxes that are only folded beneath but not taped,
(7) antiques, paintings, art works and glass pieces not prepared properly for transport.
(8) the new front load washers and dryers that require drum bolts during transport, if those bolts aren’t available, (check your manual),
(9) lamp shades not boxed. They won’t survive the trip if they aren’t boxed.
(10) veneers on older furniture and pianos; they get brittle and crack right off.
(11) Grandfather clocks. Older mechanisms may not start back up once interrupted.
Rest assured that no matter what we are moving the utmost care and every precaution will be taken to assure their safe delivery.
*A note about COMPOSITE FURNITURE. These furniture items like Sauder don’t travel well.
Its best that you empty the drawers or storage compartments so they are lighter, thus less chance of breaking. Plastic wrapping them, which we will do, 
helps a lot but sometimes even that doesn’t work 100%.
* A note about Flat Screen TV’s. We stand behind our work. If we drop or mishandle a TV we will compensate for the loss or make arrangement for repair or replacement.
But these TV’s, especially the new ultra-thins are just so touchy; sometimes they just don’t turn back on after the move for no apparent reason- from the mere act of moving them it seems.
Maybe its a change in temperature; maybe it’s the road vibration that shakes an inner component loose. All flat screen TV’s are moved on a best efforts basis only. Please advise us of (1) how many flat screens you are moving and (2) their sizes so we can bring supplies to wrap them properly.
The electronics in the new appliances, similar to the new flat screen TVs, have become so sophisticated that once moved, for whatever reason- they may just not fire back up.
If we mishandle an item you can count on us to stand by it; otherwise a repair at your expense or a replacement may be in order.
– Tipping. If you only knew how many years I put off mentioning this subject. Here goes:
some customers tip, some do not. No customer is ever required to tip. Surely the guys appreciate tips when they are given. If you believe that the level of work warrants a tip- by all means.
It is entirely up to the customer. If one of the guys EVER asks for a tip, (and so far as I know it has never happened), I hope you will let me know. (I think I did pretty well here. Don’t you?)
– Gifting. There may be things that you don’t want to drag to the new place and you’d be just as pleased to see them gone.
Maybe the new location has central air so you won’t need that window unit. Maybe a set of nite stands because they never matched anyway.
Maybe dad’s old rocker. Maybe those two odd-sized tires.
Sure- it’s fine if you want to offer things to the movers, that’s very kind of you. Please just be certain that no one else in your family was planning on taking those things. More than once we’ve had to bring things back cause ‘sister Susie always loved that vase’. (Actual quote.) And it just causes a lot of friction with family members. We don’t rally want to be in the middle of something like that.
– Consignment. Donation. Trash.
Happy to drop off items no longer wanted but still may have value. There may be a small fee to cover the additional time required by the drop-offs but we’ll do our best to cover the costs:
* Consignment drop offs to Nelson Furniture Consignment in Kingston or others in the Kingston/Luzerne area.
* Donation to Goodwill in Kingston, or VOA/Salvation Army in Wilkes Barre.
* Trash. We can dispose of furniture that is landfill bound. We get charged for disposal; we’ll pass those costs along to you.
– When the move is completed, please let us know if there was anything about the move that you were not completely satisfied with.
I’ve got stacks of customer testimonials and compliments galore on Angies List and Yelp but there’s precious little from those sources that
will make us better tomorrow than today. So please, don’t ever hesitate to offer your opinions- and we thank you.
Finally, keep in mind that we are primarily ‘by the hour’ movers.
The more prep work done prior to our arrival, the less your move will cost,
and please don’t hesitate with any questions.
Happy Motoring!

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These guys were fantastic. They moved our entire office with ease. We added more items to what I had actually told Joel and these guys took it in stride. They truly went above and beyond for us today. Extremely professional. I highly recommend them. Thanks again guys!

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Joel and his guys did a fantastic job on short notice and for a great price. Did a great job taking care of our stuff and getting the job done quickly and carefully!

Will definitely get a hold of them again and highly recommend them!

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The name says it all!! These guys are the best. They moved me 2 hours north from Philadelphia with 2 days notice and did an awesome job. 

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