The Services from BestDarnMovers

Looking for someone to help you move? BestDarnMovers, a locally owned and operated company located and helping customers in Northeast Pennsylvania makes moving easy for any business or home.

BestDarnMovers calendar fills up quickly rolling into the Spring and Summer. Schedule earlier when a specific move dates are required. Each job comes with unique detail and charges with truck and travel encompassing factors like job size and distance.

Your BestDarnMovers service includes four main features (1) labor, (2) truck, (3) travel fee charges and (4)packaging supplies

(1) BestDarnMovers bills labor at $145 per hour for a 3-man team and Most quotes assume a  3-man team

2-man teams bill at $98 per hour

3- man teams bill at $145 per hour with the 3 man team

4-man teams bill at $185 per hour.

2  or 3-man teams are most efficient with limited entrances and exits such as apartment moves with 4  man teams working better in homes or venues with more entryways and exits.

BestDarnMovers charges in increments of 15 minutes not full hours ensuring fairness. Customers pay only for the time you used with BestDarnMovers.

BestDarnMovers wants to keep prices down for customers. When quoting BestDarnMovers quotes for “regular, normal and expected services” referring simply to the degree of ease or of the work.

Unexpectedly oversize items, small doorways, sharp hallway turns, unusual stairways, low ceilings, long carrying distances at the load or unload points, inclement weather and small children or pets slow the move adding time and labor cost. Loose items not adequately boxed up  also add to the time and labor.


BestDarnMovers prefers cash or checks although we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Sometimes payment in advance of the move is warranted; BestDarnMovers reserves the right to ask for advance payment for the moving job.

Click or tap here to get a quote and learn more about what goes into quoting your move

(2) TRUCKS – BestDarnMovers labor only service

Renting or supplying your own truck, using BestDarnMovers for labor only, is always an option. BestDarnMovers welcomes customers finding great deals on trucks!

Consider this option moving outside the Wilkes-Barre Scranton-Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) area

BestDarnMovers loads the truck and finds 5-star rated movers with unloading at the new location. BestDarnMovers knows and works with top rated movers all around the United States and the network of movers often saves customers money. BestDarnmovers aims to complete your move as easily and inexpensively as possible actively seeking to save customers money.

Secure the truck.  BestDarnMovers  strongly encourages customers placing their own padlock on the back of the truck. BestDarnMovers wants customer to feel absolute confidence  what goes into the truck at the pick-up comes out of the truck at the drop-off.

(3) TRAVEL FEE local moves using a 3-man team generally starts at $59

Travel Fees apply to compensate movers for travel time to and from the  pick-up location and drop-off locations as well as any clean up. BestDarnMovers pays our people during this time. Typically, travel fees take into account based driving time from Kingston to your job location and back to Kingston.

Tolls and overnight expenses borne by longer trips will sometimes apply


Boxes, mattress bags, boxes, packaging wrap, etc., usually a small part of the moving expense.

When completed please share your experience with BestDarnMovers letting us know how to make our service better for the next customer. BestDarnmovers looks to improve the service each day and welcomes feedback.  So please, don’t ever hesitate to offer your opinions- and BestDarnMovers thanks you for all feedback!

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BestDarnMovers has been operating for 15 years and is fully licensed and insured

BestDarnMovers is licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
License Number: 2532991
DOT Number: 2927463